Monday, June 16, 2008

Mirth Nadir EP10 : "Soon I'll grow up and won't even flinch at your name"

EP 10 of Mirth:Nadir is in the books. Today we will hear music from Brian McKnight, The Isley Brothers, Alanis Morissette, Frankie Beverly & Maze and Jodeci. One of my favorite lyrics from the entire show is when Alanis says "Soon I'll grow up and won't even flinch at your name..." Rumor has it she was speaking about a former love who still has an effect on her. Therefore I will use that lyric as the title for the show and each week you will see the title coming from one of the songs in the show. Last week's title was "Sorry" which was the title of the opening song.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to listen to the show and send in dedications. Don't forget to call the Loveline @ 1-800-882-9291. Feel free to send me an email to

Enjoy the show and see you next week!

**Please note that if you try to play the song from this page, there may been a long pause. Please be patient and the music will begin to play. Thanks. :) **