Monday, May 4, 2009

MN EP 55 - "How come you don't call me anymore?"

Guy, R. Kelly, Maxwell(new), and Aaliyah highlight EP 55 of Mirth Nadir. Call 1-800-882-9291 for requests.
Maxwell – Pretty Wings
Johnny Gill – Just another Lonely Night
Guy – I Like
Diddy & R. Kelly – Satisfy You
Prince interview (courtesy of Tavis Smiley show)
Prince – Sign of the Times
Prince – How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
Kelly Clarkson – Save You
Righteous Brothers – You’ve Got the Loving Feeling
Slick Rick – Teenage Love
Aaliyah – Loose Rap
Lady Gaga - Starstruck

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Anonymous said...

My favorite songs from this EP was the Maxwell...that's the first time I heard that song and next time I'm downloading songs I'll have to remember to download the P.Diddy and R.Kelly song...I forgot how good that song was!! Look forward to hearing the EP next week! Maybe you should think of doing some songs from the 70s next week...

Po Politickin said...

Good show.. I liked the Johnny Gill sound the most. I enjoyed the Prince interview too...