Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MN EP 121 - "No More Drama"

Josh Xantus, Jade, Prince, Whitney Houston and Keri Hilson highlight Ep 121 of Mirth Nadir. Call 1-800-882-9291 for requests. Visit mirthnadir.com for more info. Enjoy the show.
Prince- I Hate You
Josh Xantus w/Ghosstface - I Don't Care
Whitney Houston - Why Does it Hurt So Bad
Aaliyah - I Miss You
Jade - One Woman
Phyllis Hyman - Old Friend
Mary J Blige - No More Drama
Aaron Hall - When You Need Me
Neyo w/50 Cent - Baby By Me
Mario - Music For Love
Mariah Carey - Becha Gon Know
Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

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Po Politickin said...

Good show bro... I can ride to all this songs...