Sunday, October 5, 2008

MN EP 26 - "The most frightening thing is you and me ... "

Rick James, Confunction, Letoya w/Avant, Amel Larrieux, Tynisha Keli and others are featured in EP 26 of Mirth:Nadir. To reach me call 1-800-882-9291 or send me an email at Thanks goes out to "E" the R&B Hip Hop Rock Star for stopping by to chat with us. Thanks to everyone for listening. Please leave comments/requests if you like. Enjoy the show.

Rick James - Cold Blooded
Confunction - Love's Train
Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows
Tamia - Questions
Amel Larrieux - For Real
Craig David - Once in a Lifetime
Interview with "E"
"E" - Could I
Mike Jones w/T-Pain, Twista, Lil Wayne - Cutty Buddy
Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers and Bears
Lyfe Jennings - Will I Ever
Letoya w/ Avant - Someone Else
Tynisha Keli - I Wish You Loved Me

To Listen to the show press play below:

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Anonymous said...

I really liked this show even though I didn't know a lot of the songs. I liked the Karate Kid pic too but it would have been even better if you had taken a pci from the Karate Kid II :) Have a great week!

Unknown said...

I haven't even listened yet and I know this is going to be your best yet. Anything with Danny LaRusso on the front page gets my complete and absolute attention.

Anonymous said...

Amel Larrieux is my favorite....

Anonymous said...

Great interview of "E" The R&B Hip-Hop Rockstar. He is very talented and has some really good songs. Keep doing your thing.

Amani Roberts said...

@ Joseph - LOL. I got you. Take a listen and see. Don't sleep on Karate Kid I and Danny boy.

@Jaimee - I will remember the Karate Kid II pic next time. Glad you like the new song.

@ Joe - Thanks for stopping by and the comment. Please keep coming back.

Po Politickin said...

Great Intro… Rick James is the truth! Cold Blooded! Love Train is dope song too….You know I love Tamia. She is so beautiful. I was feeling the Amel Larrieux song… I have been sleeping on Amel. I got check out more of her music. Where’s Craig David? Can you feel me in what my jam… E’s song was beautiful. I loved it. I never heard that Cutty Buddy joint before. I am feeling that beat and Weezy’s verse….I like that Jasmine Sullivan song too.. I am going to have to cop her album… Good Show!

Mandy said...

I got earphones at work so I'm catching up on all the weeks I've missed. I'm feeling so romantical sitting here dealing with volunteer's problems (Especially with Karate Kid in my eyesight!).