Sunday, December 7, 2008

MN EP 35 - " the one thing you can't see ... "

Nu Shooz, Ray Lamontagne, Pebbles, Vanessa Williams, Johnta Austin and others highlight Episode 35 of Mirth:Nadir. 1-800-882-9291 for requests. is the main website (Check it for the playlist). Enjoy the show! Don't forget to call in or email me some requests for our upcoming Holiday show.

Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait
Troop - Still in Love
R. Kelly - Feeling on Your Booty
Johnta Austin - 17 Minutes
Vanessa Williams - Save the Best for Last **
Pebbles w/Johnny Gill - Always
Case w/Joe - Faded Picture
Tracy Lawrence - Find out Who your Friends are
Ray Lamontagne - Let it be Me
Tony Terry - Everlasting Love
SWV w/ E-40 - Come get Some
Leona Lewis - Yesterday **

To Listen to the show, hit play below:

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Anonymous said...

I liked the '80s in the beginning. Much more inspiring than the country love songs!

Po Politickin said...

Good intro.. I never knew who sung that song.. I like it though... I love that R.Kelly track.. I kept hearing Chapelle's verision in my head though lol... Dang, what was up with the questions that woman was asking Vanessa Williams lol.. All I heard was black, black, black, black, black lol...I like that Peebles and Johnny Gill song.. Was that Chad P? Did he say Kevin from USC?? lol Yeah, you find out who your friends are when they don't play your requested song lol....I am trippin, I was like whose's Sisters with Voices lol.. Nice track...