Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mirth Nadir's Greatest Hits

As we roll into summer, I decided to take a break for one week from doing the show. Since I am on vacation, I decided to leave you with my favorite shows from the past year. Click on any of these and enjoy:

MN EP 1 - The first show. I have come a long way.

MN EP 18 - Interview with Raheem Devaughn. Great show here.

MN EP 30 - Top 10 Songs from Movie Soundtracks - Really great show here. Movie clips included. One of the best ones I have produced.

MN EP 34 - Favorite Country Music Songs - Sugarland's "Stay" song quickly became one of my favorites after this show.

MN EP 40 - Introducing Melanie Fiona - very, good interview with Melanie Fiona who is going to be a top artist in 2009. We discovered her early which is cool. One of the best interviews I have done.

MN EP 51
- Why I fell in Love with Hip-Hop - great show with some of the early Hip-Hop songs that I fell in love with.

MN EP 52 - Happy 1st Birthday to the show. Cool call-in from fans and friends.

MN EP 53 - Are you Old School - perfect show for playing at a cookout.

Check out some of these shows. Definitely some of my personal highlights from this past 14 months.