Monday, July 13, 2009

MN EP 64 - Best Slow Jams in My Lifetime (BMM v1)

Best Slow Jams released in my lifetime (from 1984-today). I couldn't fit all the songs in this one show so there will be a volume two. 1-800-882-9291 for requests and dedications. Enjoy the show.
Ready for the World – Love you Down (1986)
Prince – Adore (1987)
D’Angelo – How Does it Feel (1999)
SWV – Weak (1993)
Babyface – Where will you Go (1989)
New Edition – Can You Stand the Rain (1988)
Keith Sweat – I’ll Give You All My Love to you (1990)
Troop – All I do Is Think of You (1990)
LL Cool J – I Need Love (1987)
Guy – Let’s Chill (1991)
Jodeci - You & I (1992)
Jagged Edge – Gotta Be (1998)
Tank – Maybe I Deserve (2001)
Klymaxx – I Miss You (1985)
Atlantic Star – Always (1987)
Brian McKnight – One Last Cry (1993)

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Anonymous said...

Very good show!! Can't wait to hear what the next BMM v2 will sound like...I was also thinking that maybe Shai could be added to the next show...